Monday, April 16, 2012

My Fear Project

1. Examine the Situation
Fear is something that is hard for a person to admit. At least hard for me. Fear is when you do something or you are subjected to something that makes you anxious or nervous. Fear keeps me from being myself sometimes. It keeps some people from doing things that others may love to do. It creates limits for us and 'fishbowls' us.

Fear could be used to intimidate people (use of of force or weapons). Fear can be used as a means of advertising sometimes. Marketing fear can cause people to buy your product if they think it will cease they're fears to exit and alleviate their tensions.

2. Formulate an Experiment
My experiment will double as a fear project and a sort of journey of self discovery. I'm going to set aside a guys night out for myself and just examine and analyze my flaws. Sort of like a spiritual type of discovery. Once I find out these flaws I will announce them to the class because there is nothing I fear more than people knowing about who I am at my core. It will be extremely difficult for me to get up in front of class and say these things.

3. Hypothesize the Expected Outcome
I predict that my classmate may be at awe and shocked at first at how deep the list of fears I read off will be. I think they may be put off. Hopefully I share some of the same fears as my classmates but I'm thinking nobody will understand how I take my fears exactly as I do. Yet it's still going to be important to me that I carry this out and do this.

4. Conduct The Experiment
Experiment conducted.

5. Observe the Reaction
Reactions observed.

6. Analysis of Hypothesis with Actual Outcome
So my hypothesis came perfectly true. I knew some individuals in the class knew what I was going through and understood my fears as others just sort of brushed it off because they haven't been through what I have. Each life experience is unique and subjective so I can't expect everyone to know where I'm coming from.

7. Propose Changes to your Idea Based on What Happened.
If I could go back I guess I would create a more unique way to present my fears. (Index cards, power point, etc.) However I still see the benefits of doing what I did. It was part of my actual fear to say these things outright instead of finding some kind of shortcut to present them.

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Examining Someone Else's Fear

1. What was it and who did it?
At first I really wanted to do Sarah's fear assignment when she was talking about how she first found out she was deaf and what she goes through dealing with it day by day. I guess it's because I never knew someone who was deaf or heard a deaf person really come out and let it all out like that. But I think I want to relate with Aaron Turner's fear assignment. He basically did something similar to mine and admitted to things about himself.

2. Why did you respond to it so strongly?
I feel like I responded so strongly because I related to it on a strong level. I understood what he meant by the shell shock he felt from transitioning to High School except I felt that in Middle School. I was quiet and shy because all I would do is think. I still catch myself doing it a lot. I just think of all the outcomes of a situation before even approaching the though of acting on the situation/conversation. It's good to do but it can also fishbowl you to the extent where you can't openly be yourself.

3. How does it impact how you see your own project?
It helps me know that I'm not alone and that there are plenty of people out there who have the problems I do. I realized fears are usually irrational so all these fears in class, though we're aware of them, they're also irrational. Aaron and I have a lot in common I think more than I knew before.

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